The imagesetting has no substitute in the graphic industry. It has wide array of applications  – offset, screen, flexographic, gold printing, partial varnishing painting and much more.

Our imagesetting department is working with PDF-based Kodak Prinergy system. This ensures correct rendering of transparent objects and the high quality of the final product. We recommend our clients to prepare PDF files for film exposure. We accept also EPS and TIF files. Exceptionally we accept also and work formats (AI, PSD, INDD, CDR. They are not the industry standard for printig, so the customer must approve the generate PDF-files for printing.

If you have experience with other imagesetters and you are confident in the quality of your Post Script (in terms of characteristics such as pre-press marks, overprint, etc.), you can generate files for printing with the AdobePS Extreme3-L3 driver. All files are reviewed before they are exposed.

The maximum length of the exposed film is 1110 mm. Before rasterization files are analyzed for missing fonts, low-resolution images and RGB color space. Minimum resolution of bitmap graphics should be 250 dpi. Missing fonts can be replaced with a similar, only with the approval of the customer.

In the process of optimization of the files we can changed the organization of the colors (black overprint setting, monitoring for the presence of trapping, converting the unwanted Spot Colors to CMYK). The processed file must be reviewed from the customer. and analyzed. We can add automatically the needed printing marks to your file.

When submitting files for exposure, the customer must fill blank with the needed parameters like print, technology, colors, etc. When the exposure of catalogs, books, magazines, newspapers and other publications requires electronic imposition, we can make it according to the instructions from the customer.

We are giving guarantee that your order will be ready in 24 hours. Practically we can do that a lot faster. The deadlines for larger orders and orders are negotiable. We offer sending of the films by courier.