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Bulged is a company dedicated to the graphic industry. Whether it is end products or printing services, our mission is to provide you with the best. You can rely unconditionally on our professionalism, traditions and experience in the field of printing and finishing.

They always save the situation! Thanks for having you! Reaction and deadlines without competition!

Yordan Slavkov

We continue to use Bulged as a print service provider for more than 11 years. The team of…

Mark Ralev

My job is to publish books by Bulgarian authors. As a publisher, I have long been looking for…

Violeta Staykova

We are a young publishing house and one of our first projects was implemented jointly with Bulged Ltd….

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivo Angelov

Amazing! Extremely positive, fast and correct! We made business cards, stickers, flyers and wobblers with them and everything…

Teodora Varbanovska