Our service for producing CtP plates for offset printing combines extreme reliability, high image quality and durability for long print runs.

The platesetting is the last process before the actual print. This is the stage in which unnoticed errors in the DTP can become very expensive. To make sure that the plates that print contains exactly what is required by the end user, Bulged uses a system for comprehensive management and reviewing of your order – Synapse Insite.

Here are some more advantages that you will benefit when working with us:

  • Lack of any defects caused by copying the film onto a plate.
  • Very well shaped and сцреенинг dots thanks to the Square Spot technology.
  • Uniform and homogeneous reproduce of smooth raster backgrounds.
  • RIP – Prinergy, which is fully PDF-based Workflow solution, uses the maximum potential of the industry standard PDF format.
  • We can make the imposition for any product you want in any format – catalogs, books, magazines and more.
  • Reduce the press preparation time and the waste.
  • Some of the screenings used can reduce the ink consumption.