We can produce for you quickly and easily digitally printed single sheet menus. Their main advantages are high quality competitive price, different media and finishing options and short production time.

The single sheet menus are suitable for lunch menus, wine list, desserts list and so on. Their low cost makes them easy to replace and update without compromising of the quality. We can produce single sheet menus in black and white or full color. We are also offering various standard matte and gloss papers and also various embossed and metallic papers. We can also cover your singe sheet menus with matte or gloss varnish or laminate with different thicknesses. This will make them more durable and luxurious.

Thanks to our digital printing technologies, you can order minimum quantity and to update and supplement them on demand. The single sheet menus are also suitable for stacking in menus binders with clear pockets.

We can produce your menus with one or more folds. We can also produce them from two sheets of laminated paperboard glued to each other. Thus, the product becomes more luxurious and durable.

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