We can produce your PVC stickers in black and white or full color, with a base of white ink,  mirror printing or like push-pull stickers. We will protect them with a varnish or laminate. We are also offering plotter cutting or die cutting in non-standard shapes.

PVC stickers is more resistant than paper. Another advantage is that you may peel off the stickers without tearing them. We have white and transparent sticker PVC media in stock.

Our ability to print with white ink allows the application of white base under the other colors to reduce their translucent when gluing on colored or transparent surface. We can also print PVC stickers with mirror image. They can be glued to the inside of the glass and visible trough it.

We are also producing push-pull PVC stickers. They are printed by a technology that allows to print different images on both sides and are suitable for various applications in the retail.



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