You can take advantage of our technology, experience and know-how and order non-standard printed materials with flawless quality

This category of products includes everything you can think or the client requires. The only restriction is if it is technologically possible and, of course, your imagination. We have vast experience in the production and development of non-standard printed products so we can give you an advise you and offer you the best option. We can also test copies  check if everything is OK before ordering expensive tools such as dies.

Our ability to produce non-standard printed products are virtually unlimited. Some of these include fridge magnets in the shape selected by the customer, puzzles, mouse pads, custom boxes, binders, invitations, working times, signs and much more. Every copy of each type of product we are producing can contain VDP data.

Here you can see extremely interesting product: multiple page business card with stop motion animation, designed by Dimiter Ovcharov and produced by Bulged.

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