Using digital printing to produce your softcover comb bound catalogs offers many advantages. You can get high quality affordable product even if the print run consist of several copies.

In most cases, comb bound catalogs catalogs represents large number of consumer products. To attract attention and to be durable, they must be made with perfect quality. We know how to do this. The comb binding makes the catalog more convenient for browsing and viewing and durable for everyday use.

Full color printing is not a problem, neither is the execution in full color. The covers of your comb bound catalog can be covered with matt or gloss laminate, partial UV varnish or protective sheet of transparent material.

We are offering a wide variety of combinations of media and finishing processes for your comb binded catalogs. This includes various types of paper, laminate, varnish, printing, simulated Pantone colors, partial UV varnish on the cover and many others.

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