The VDP cards have many applications – we can produce for you membership cards, cards for promotions, personalized membership cards and more.

Your VDP cards can contain a unique personal code, barcode, name and photograph of the person to whom they are issued and other variable elements. We are experts in the manufacturing of products with customized information (VDP products), including VDP cards. They can be used for different purposes: telephony, Internet, games with prizes, discounts or bonuses in retail outlets.

Your VDP cards can contain different types of variable information. It could be a code (alphanumeric) characters, photographs or other images, barcodes and more.

We have available die forms for some standard size VDP cards with rounded corners (90×50 mm and 86x54mm). The cards are printed on cardboard. In most cases they are laminated with glossy, matte or embossed laminate. You can put scratch-coating below which is the confidential information intended for the end user.

Our closed cycle of production and certification system guarantee full confidentiality of the data.

We also offer a simulation of Pantone colors. We offer different options for laminate thickness – 30 microns for disposable cards up to 250 microns for VDP cards that can withstand years piled into someone’s wallet.

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