Using non-standard business cards is an excellent way to attract attention. We are the people to produce them.

We can produce custom business cards with various shapes by die cutting or plotter cutting. To achieve exactly the effect you want we keep in stock a variety of standard and effect print media for non-standard business cards.

Your non-standard business cards can be even more attractive with the various finishing options we are offering.

You can combine our high quality digital print on your non-standard business cards with matte, glossy and embossed laminates of different thicknesses. Another option that will make your non-standard business cards even more impressive is the partial UV varnish. If CMYK colors are not enough for you, we offer Pantone simulation also. This way your corporate colors will always be printed correctly.

We are offering another non-standard solution for your non-standard business cards white ink printing.

This technology allows printing on different colored media. You can print only with white or use it as a pad for the other colors to get accurate color reproduction on color cardboard.



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