We are offering production of folders with the best digital printing technologies on a variety of media with laminate and different types of folder pockets.

The folders are vital element in every set of corporate printed materials. They are an important element in the preparation of various events and the presentation of the companies in different situations. We can produce folders printed on standard, metal and embossed papers with different types of laminate. Our flexible digital technology allows you to order your folders in print runs from 50 to 500 pieces at affordable prices and high quality. This way you will have the appropriate folders for every event and occasion.

Folders we offer are produced with the best digital printing technology on the market and feature vivid colors and high quality finishing.

We have prepared dies for different types of pockets, suitable for different number of materials. We are also offering the possibility of producing new dies for pockets for corporate folders by your project.

With us you can order all the materials that you need in addition to folders, to complement the set that you need and to get exactly the same colors on each product – flyers, leaflets, brochures, badges, questionnaires and many other.

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